Bursaries, Awards and Scholarships


A limited number of bursaries are available for Sixth Form applicants. These bursaries have a maximum value of 100% of the full fee, dependant on individual family financial circumstances. 

In addition to taking account of all relevant sources of income, the School takes account of relevant capital assets. Applicants should note that subject to your capital assets, if your gross family income is below approximately £32,000 you may qualify for a full Bursary. If your gross family income is in excess of approximately £73,000 you would not qualify for any assistance. Between these two figures a sliding scale will operate. This scale is subject to annual review. Once awarded, the entitlement to a Foundation Bursary will remain with a pupil throughout his or her time at the School and will be reviewed annually. (please follow links to download Bursary Policy).

There are also some non-means tested scholarships for students from the maintained sector, who plan to study Chemistry and Biology, see below.

Sir Edward Abraham Memorial Award for Chemistry and Biology

Awards of up to 25% non means tested can be allocated to a student from the maintained sector who is studying Chemistry and/or Biology in the Sixth Form at King Edward VI School. This can be in conjunction with a means tested Bursary and the bursarial element of the award will be calculated in accordance with the income levels quoted above.

Sir Edward was born in 1913 in Shirley, Southampton, and attended King Edward VI School. He was in the original Penicillin team in Oxford in the 1940s and developed another range of antibiotics “The Cephalosporins” which are still used extensively around the world to cure infections. Sir Edward died in 1999.

Frank Misselbrook Award for Economics and Business

This award will, in the first instance, be awarded to an applicant who will be studying Economics and/or Business  in the Sixth Form at King Edward VI School. The Bursary will be calculated in accordance with the income levels quoted above.

Sixth Form Music Scholars

Sixth Form Music Scholars reflect our most able and highest achieving performers. Scholars gain a wealth of benefit as we prepare young musicians for performance careers and university study. Scholarships are awarded on audition to successful candidates who will be taking A Level Music. Scholarships cover all or part of the cost of instrumental music lessons. Auditions will take place in March. Successful applicant will be invited and should be performing at grade 8 standard on one or more instruments. The candidates would be required to perform a piece on their first instrument, alongside some aural tests and sight-reading.

Sports Scholarships

We would be delighted to receive applications for sports scholarships from talented sports men and women applying to join the Sixth Form. These new awards recognise the growth and success in sport at KES in recent years and will ensure that we can continue to build on the high levels of performance currently demonstrated by our students.  The value of the award is at the discretion of the Head based on recommendation from the Director of Sport.