Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

Fees The fee for 2020/2021 is £17,130 per annum all-inclusive with a 5% reduction for brothers and sisters who are not receiving any bursary awards. For the convenience of parents, this Annual Fee is divided into three termly payments of £5,710. Optional extras include: dinners – instrumental tuition – specialist sports – visits and tours. The Governors try to maintain the fee for the year but reserve the right to alter it, if necessary (giving parents a term’s notice).
Payment Payments are by direct debit on the first day of term unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed. Third party companies provide monthly payment options, details of which will be forwarded with the autumn term fee account. Parents are advised to take independent financial advice should they wish to use any third party payment options.
Deposit If, in due course, a place is offered, a deposit of £200 will be payable when the offer is accepted. This deposit will be repaid, without interest, within three months of the pupil leaving the school less any sums due to the School on leaving. 
Lunches For 2020/2021, the cost of lunch is £4.85 per day.
Applications A £50.00 non-returnable fee is charged for an application except when the application to be considered is for a Bursary only place when the fee is £25.00.
Withdrawal One term’s notice in writing of the intention to withdraw a pupil from the School must be given. Without such notice a term’s fee in lieu of notice is due.
Insurance Fees cannot be refunded for absence and parents are advised to take advantage of the School Fees Remission Scheme, details of which are forwarded when a pupil enters the School. Parents are also invited to consider insuring the payment of School fees in the event of the death of the fee payer. Parents are advised to take independent advice should they wish to use any third party insurance options.
Scholarships Academic scholarships worth up to 10% of the Full Fee and Creative Arts scholarships worth up to 5% of the Full Fee are available on admission to the Lower School. Sports Awards are also available.  Other scholarships and awards are available to current students on entry to the Upper School and the Sixth Form based on achievement, potential and progress. Entry awards are also available for external candidates to the Sixth Form. Full details can be obtained from the Registrar. Detailed Scholarship Criteria and Procedures can be found here
Bursaries The School will offer a number of means tested Foundation Bursaries each year. Bursaries will have a maximum value of 100% of the School Full Fee. In addition to taking account of all relevant sources of income, the School takes account of relevant capital assets. Applicants should note that subject to your capital assets, if your gross family income is below approximately £30,500 you may qualify for a full Bursary. If your gross family income is in excess of approximately £71,000 you would not qualify for any assistance. Between these two figures a sliding scale will operate. This scale is subject to annual review. Once awarded, the entitlement to a Foundation Bursary will remain with a pupil throughout his or her time at the School and will be reviewed annually. (please follow links to download Bursary Policy)


A limited number of scholarships are available to entrants at age eleven and thirteen plus, valued at up to 10% of the fee per annum. These will be awarded on the results of the Admissions Examination, taking into account the recommendations of the Head Teachers. The scholarships awarded at 11+ are tenable for three years and those awarded at 13+ are tenable for one year. There is no need to apply for an Academic Scholarship as all applicants are automatically eligible.


Creative Arts scholarships are available at 11+ in Music, Art and Drama and at 13+ in Music only. These are valued at up to 5% of the fee per annum and are tenable for three years (one year for the 13+ Music Scholarship). Candidates may apply for one Creative Art scholarship only. The successful candidates would be expected, during the tenure of their award, to make an important and continuing contribution to the Creative Arts at the School.

Candidates applying for a Creative Arts Scholarship may also apply for a Sports Award.

Music Scholarships

The role of a King Edward VI Music Scholar is a very special one. The Scholars Society meet twice a term to hear from professional musicians, discuss musical issues or debate. Candidate at 11+ should have achieved grade 5 standard on their first instrument (grade 6 for 13+).

For audition, candidates will be asked to play one prepared piece: alternatively, where two instruments are offered, one piece may be played on the candidate’s first instrument, the other on the second. Candidates will also be asked to play a piece of sight-reading on their first instrument and complete two short aural tests.

Drama Scholarships

The candidates on the shortlist will be invited to attend individual auditions and interviews and a group workshop. We will send you two audition pieces in early January from which your child should select one to learn and perform. Auditions will take place in front of the Head of Drama, another member of the Drama Department and the other auditionees. In addition, each child will have a short, informal chat about their performance experience and their interest in Drama. The final session will be a whole group workshop in which the children may be asked to work on various games, improvisations and sketches together. 

Art Scholarships

Candidates should prepare a portfolio of their own work. Candidates must display both a flair for, and an interest in, the subject. From the portfolios we receive, a shortlist of candidates will be drawn up and invited to attend a workshop.

The morning will consist of an interview with a member of the department where candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their work and interest in Art. There will be two set tasks where candidates can demonstrate their talents in observational drawing, imagination and three dimensional skills.


At King Edward VI School we value sport and it is a very important part of the school’s ethos. Each year a number of sports awards are available for those applying to join us at both 11+ and at 13+. In addition to the receipt of an award, the recipient will be a member of the Elite Sports Performer Programme in which we support the individual’s sporting development within the whole school environment. We invite applications from children with a passion for sport who have achieved, or shown the potential to achieve, a high level of sporting performance in at least one of the school’s major sports; hockey, rugby, netball and cricket.

A shortlist of applicants will be invited to attend a selection day. This will involve a morning of fitness assessment and an afternoon of team sport coaching sessions that will focus on competitive sporting performance.

Candidates may apply for a Sports Award as well as a Creative Arts Scholarship.


Frank Misselbrook Award for Economics and Business

This award will, in the first instance, be awarded to an applicant who will be studying Economics and/or Business  in the Sixth Form at King Edward VI School. The Bursary will be calculated in accordance with the income levels quoted above.

Sir Edward Abraham Memorial Award for Chemistry and Biology

Awards of up to 25% non means tested can be allocated to a student from the maintained sector who is studying Chemistry and/or Biology in the Sixth Form at King Edward VI School. This can be in conjunction with a means tested Bursary and the bursarial element of the award will be calculated in accordance with the income levels quoted above.

Sir Edward was born in 1913 in Shirley, Southampton, and attended King Edward VI School. He was in the original Penicillin team in Oxford in the 1940s and developed another range of antibiotics “The Cephalosporins” which are still used extensively around the world to cure infections. Sir Edward died in 1999.

Sixth Form Music Scholars

Sixth Form Music Scholars reflect our most able and highest achieving performers. Scholars gain a wealth of benefit as we prepare young musicians for performance careers and university study. Scholarships are awarded on audition to successful candidates who will be taking A Level Music. Scholarships cover all or part of the cost of instrumental music lessons. Auditions will take place in March. Successful applicant will be invited and should be performing at grade 8 standard on one or more instruments. The candidates would be required to perform a piece on their first instrument, alongside some aural tests and sight-reading.

Sports Scholarships

We would be delighted to receive applications for sports scholarships from talented sports men and women applying to join the Sixth Form. These new awards recognise the growth and success in sport at KES in recent years and will ensure that we can continue to build on the high levels of performance currently demonstrated by our students.  The value of the award is at the discretion of the Head based on recommendation from the Director of Sport.

For an Information Booklet, application forms or further information on any of the above, please contact:

Mrs EL Sheppard
The Registrar

King Edward VI School 
Wilton Road 
SO15 5UQ

T: 023 8079 9216 
E: registrar@kes.hants.sch.uk