Co-Curricular Activities

During the Sixth Form, new leadership opportunities present themselves, whether on the sports fields, in the school societies, or as a group prefect working with younger pupils.

Students also get the chance to be develop their creativity, perhaps producing a school play, or playing music. Trips widen their experience of the world – whether as part of a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award on Dartmoor, or more far-flung travel, visiting community projects in Indonesia or South Africa. In and outside the classroom, King Edward’s Sixth Formers are encouraged to try out the wide variety of opportunities on offer.

Clubs and Societies

Sixth formers are encouraged to develop their interests in lunchtime clubs, such as the Historical Society, Debating Society or Byron Society where they might make presentations to their peers. There are over 50 clubs and societies and Sixth Formers take a leading role in the running and organisation of these.


An active lifestyle is key to our well-being and yet we know that there is a societal trend showing a reduction in physical activity, particularly amongst teenage girls as they get older.  At King Edward’s, we make time for sport, knowing the huge value it has for our pupils in terms of physical health, mental well-being, stress relief and team building.  Therefore, every Sixth Former takes part in our Wednesday afternoon games program, which includes a wide range of activities, including: Hockey, Rugby, Canoeing, Climbing, Football, Cricket, Netball, Weights, Basketball, Golf, Squash, and Sailing.

Many of the Sixth Formers, who wish to play at a more competitive level, are members of the senior sporting squads, playing fixtures during the Wednesday afternoon games sessions, and also on Saturdays. We have a full fixture list in all the major sports, and Sixth Formers are encouraged to challenge themselves to contribute to these squads.