The Sixth Form Experience

A Sixth Former’s life is a considerably different experience from what has come before. As senior members of the school community, they enjoy an increased level of individual freedom and independence, and the “business dress” code helps define that difference.

Sixth Form students at King Edward’s enjoy their learning, they develop a more mature rapport with staff, and there is an expectation that they take responsibility for their learning. The recently developed Sixth Form Study area encourages a good working ethos, while the refurbished Concourse next door affords the students time and space to relax. We encourage students to possess a clear view of the value of learning, not simply as a gateway to higher education, but also as an end in itself. There are two routes for Sixth Form studies:

Route 1 –  Three full Advanced level subjects

Students choose four subjects to study in the Lower Sixth, then decide in the Spring/Summer term of the Lower Sixth year which three to continue to full Advanced Level in the Upper Sixth. Students following this route leave the Sixth Form with three full Advanced level qualifications.

Route 2 – Four full Advanced level subjects

Students choose four subjects to study in the Lower Sixth and continue with all to full Advanced level in the Upper Sixth.  Students following this route will leave the Sixth Form with four full Advanced level qualifications.

In addition, Wednesday afternoons are given over to a Games programme which offers a varied range of team and individual sports and fitness activities. The Foundation Studies programme and Open Forum, which form part of the Upper Sixth experience, offer students the chance to develop important life skills, explore new interests or become involved in service activities in the local community.

For more information, look through our prospectus and Sixth Form Guide.