Sixth Form General Studies

The Sixth Form can sometimes seem dominated by exams, coursework and predicted grades. Although examination success is rightly valued, it is too easy to see the content of our studies as an obstacle to success, when in fact it is the encountering of new ideas which is important and not the assessment.

The King Edward’s Sixth Form General Studies program was created to enhance the student’s experience of school, exposing them to new ideas and skills, without adding to their workload. Our program consists of two parts; Open Forum is essentially a program of presentations and Foundation Studies is a series of short, largely practical, courses. 
Open Forum is compulsory for all sixth formers. All Lower Sixth students also attend Foundation Studies whereas only those students studying three A2 levels, rather than four, are required to attend Foundation Studies in the Upper Sixth year. As an alternative to Foundation Studies students in the Upper Sixth may choose to work towards the Extended Project qualification throughout the autumn term (and enter the FS program in the spring).
The diagram below summarises the options available to Upper Sixth students.

Both Open Forum and Foundation Studies conclude at the end of the Spring Term, allowing students to concentrate on their final examinations after Easter.