Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. Psychology involves the examination and analysis of various theories of behaviour and the consideration of research evidence. You will be encouraged to think critically and to evaluate claims and research in an objective and analytical way.

The purpose of Psychology is to explain why people behave in the way that they do. We try to answer this question by looking at the five approaches to Psychology: the social approach, the cognitive approach, the psychodynamic approach, the biological approach and the learning approach.

Psychology is an extremely fascinating, intriguing and enjoyable subject which is becoming increasingly popular amongst students. This rise in popularity has in turn led to a greater understanding of mind and behaviour and we aim to keep this up!

A level Psychology is made up of eight compulsory topics and three optional topics.

The compulsory topics are:

1. Social influence

2. Memory

3. Attachment

4. Psychopathology

5. Approaches in Psychology

6. Biopsychology

7. Research methods

8. Issues & debates in Psychology


Three optional topics are also studied, one from each of the option blocks below. The optional

topics are:

Option 1:

9. Relationships

10. Gender

11. Cognition and development

Option 2:

12. Schizophrenia

13. Eating behaviour

14. Stress

Option 3:

15. Aggression

16. Forensic Psychology

17. Addiction

For more information on psychology taught at King Edward VI School, see below a video from teacher of psychology, Ms Smith.