The Physics Department enjoys excellent facilities for the students.  All six members of teaching staff are physics and engineering specialists. We are housed in five modern, well-equipped and fully supported laboratories and one room dedicated to Sixth Form project work. This allows our students to experience the full breadth of practical physics.

In the International GCSE years we combine an introduction to the basic underlying principles of physics with the concomitant skills required to master this most fascinating subject. We also introduce the pupils to aspects of modern physics that both capture the imagination and have direct relevance to their lives.

In the Sixth Form we follow the Advancing Physics A Level course, endorsed by the Institute of Physics. This builds on the International GCSE work and also concentrates on a combination of conceptual understanding, practical skills and real-world applications. It is a course which provides an excellent basis for further study of the physical sciences or engineering.

We continue to look for opportunities to extend to our students, and frequently meet with success in the British Physics Olympiad Competitions.

We are also very proud to have been the department behind the school’s decision to join the Gender Action campaign to help encourage more girls in particular to undertake the study of A Level Physics.

To learn more about physics taught at King Edward VI School, view the below video from Head of Department, Mr Simm.