Languages – Italian


The teaching of Italian at King Edward’ has been introduced in recent years to students in the Third Year. This beginner’s course gives learners a feel for the sounds and flow of the language, develops competence in grammar, and introduces vocabulary for everyday topics. Following a successful first year, students can continue their study of Italian to GCSE. Whilst a challenging course, it is an excellent opportunity for keen linguists who wish to build on their knowledge of Romance languages and Latin.

The language is taught in a communicative and exciting way, and Italian is the language used for instruction and communication, as far as is practicable. The courses are topic based, but equally focus on excellent grammar acquisition and skill development, and all students are encouraged to participate actively.  An awareness of tradition and culture of the country is also fostered.

Students have use of the excellent resources in the multi-media centres and online resources on their ipads, and will learn from a range of up to date materials via the interactive white boards in the classroom.  The School’s VLE Programme, Kesmoodle, also provides opportunity for development of linguistic skills and supports study both at home, and in class.

Studying Italian is a great opportunity to acquire one of the most beautiful European Languages.