Computer Science

Computation is not just about what computers do but something that nature has been doing for a very long time!  For example, coded within DNA in an alphabet of inheritance are the instructions for the creation of life forms as well as the data that represents the forms of life to be produced. Computer scientists are interested in computational procedures for solving problems. These procedures called algorithms are at the core.

Computer Science is a relatively new subject but one that is increasingly important as societies use and reliance on it grows. The digital revolution has begun and pupils must be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed and excel in workplaces that may not even exist yet. This is taught in First and Second Year and includes computing skills such as programming, use of standard applications and digital world education.

Computer Science is optional in the Third Year, opted for by most pupils. In the Fourth Year, students can select the IGCSE (CIE) Computer Science course and in Sixth Form we offer A Level Computer Science (OCR).

For more information about Computer Science taught at King Edward VI School, view the video below from Head of Department, Mr Mapstone.