The Geography Department of King Edward VI School aims to promote the diverse and interesting subject, enabling students to understand the links between the environment and the society we live in. We focus on the core ideas of space, scale, interdependence, human and physical processes, environmental impact, sustainable development and cultural understanding and diversity. The department strives to provide high quality teaching and learning for students in a pleasant working environment.

The Department is very aware of the benefits of fieldwork at all levels in Geography and therefore as many opportunities as possible are incorporated.

1st Year – An Investigation into the Local Environment
2nd Year – Living Rainforest – Tropical Rainforest Ecosystems
3rd Year – Natural History and Science Museums – Tectonics, Globalisation & Sustainability
4th Year – Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door – Coasts and Tourism
5th Year – Osmington Bay Residential – Rivers, Sand Dunes & Urban Environments
L6th – Slapton Ley Residential – A-level Independent Investigation
U6th – RGS A-level Study Day – Revision for Examinations

The aim of Lower School Geography is to give students a flavour of a multitude of topics ranging from Sustainability and Climate Change to Living Space. The students study a variety of both Human and Physical topics as well as the interrelationships between the two. Lessons are delivered using a variety of methods and students gain an array of skills during the three years, including presentation, research and data manipulation techniques.

Once in the Upper School the IGCSE specification dictates the course, however foundations from the Lower School are built upon and developed further, as well as the introduction of new topics and themes. Three examination papers are worked towards which look at theory, geographical skills and fieldwork techniques – all key elements of a well-rounded geographer.

In the Sixth Form the OCR specification is followed for A-level. Again this offers the opportunity to explore a variety of topics, carefully unpicking the linkages and relevance of such topics beyond A-level studies. It is our aim to excite students about the world around them and leave them with a desire to learn more beyond the classroom and in later life.