Extended Studies

Extended Studies is an integral part of the first year curriculum, which aims to broaden and enhance the pupils’ educational experience taking full advantage of the resources and expertise available both in school and in the local area.

There are six modules, each lasting four weeks operating upon a carousel programme.

This year areas of study are outlined below:-

  • Castles
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Food and Health
  • Mission to Mars Programming
  • Reality & Representation

These courses consist of various disciplines in their delivery coupled with a number of key sorties to venues which help bring to life the topics in question.Destinations include: -Practical cookery; Winchester Cathedral: Porchester Castle etc.

Pupils enjoy a diverse range of experiences which benefit them socially, culturally and educationally learning through a diverse and rich curriculum concluding the school week on a positive and informed note.

Along the South coast you can see the remains of castles built to protect the South from foreign raiders and to prevent invasion. Students investigate when, where and why these castles were built. The module ends with a visit to Porchester Castle, helping to bring historical aspects of bygone times to life whilst encouraging pupils to appreciate English Heritage


Dance is an activity that everyone can enjoy. Over the Four weeks students will explore ways in which they can express themselves through music. Dance activities include making up dances, breaking dances up, putting moves together and working in groups. At the end of the sessions, students will be able to analyse their movements though information technology and compare their movement to those of professional dancers.


This is a 4 week programme of essential communication skills from a drama perspective, developed to suit the needs of the new first years. Communication skills in our ever competitive world are a valuable life skill. Pupils will be encouraged so as to build upon their confidence when reading aloud and presenting clearly to an audience. These skills will impact on the ability of pupils in all aspects of the curriculum and beyond.

This programme will enhance confidence, articulation and the ability to work effectively with others.

Food and Health

It is important that we should all know what to do if someone near us is injured or suddenly unwell.  In this module, you will spend two sessions with one of the school nurses learning some basic first aid skills.

It is also important of course that we know how to look after ourselves, and in the other two sessions you will be finding out more about food and diet.  This will involve using information technology, and cooking and eating.

Mission to Mars Programming

During the four sessions the main activity will be problem solving in pairs using a Lego EVO robotics.  For example, you will need to unfold the solar panels on the surface of the Red Planet!

Each week you will also undertake Mars related activity – for example in the first week you will have to work through a Mars survival challenge in a group of four.  In week two you will write a short poem about a day on Mars….

Reality and Representation

You will be introduced to some of the key philosophical concepts that lie at the heart of our understanding of us as individuals and our relationship to the world around us.

‘Life is not a mystery to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.’;  What do you think is meant by this quote?