Economics is a contemporary, thought-provoking and evolving subject. It is always in the headlines, unearthing new problems and proposing new solutions. Economic decisions and events exert a significant influence over the everyday lives of everybody.

The Economics department believes that we all need to develop a degree of economic awareness to be fully active citizens in a modern society. To this end it seeks to foster an interest in and enjoyment of Economics so that students understand better the world in which they live so they can participate in decision making as consumers, producers and stakeholders.

Departmental Information

The Economics department aims to create a relaxed yet productive working environment for students. By providing a varied yet balanced teaching approach that combines whole class activity with individual attention to pupils and teacher-led lessons with independent learning it is hoped that students can fulfil their potential in the subject. The intention is:

  • to provide students with good knowledge and understanding of the key principles and  concepts underpinning Economics, and their applications;
  • to provide students with the necessary skills to apply relevant principles to processes, institutions, problems and policy debates;
  • to develop the students’ ability to communicate accurately and effectively in using knowledge and ideas in verbal, numerical, written, diagrammatic and graphical ways;
  • to encourage students to think critically about the value and limitations of Economics in the real world.

Economics is taught by enthusiastic, experienced graduate economists who teach the subject to all levels. They form a well-motivated team, sharing ideas and resources in the best interests of the students.

Economics is available as an option subject at IGCSE and A Level.

For more information about Economics & Business at King Edward VI School, please watch the view below from Head of Department, Mr Sheppard.