Design and Technology

The Design & Technology Department at King Edwards is a vibrant and inspiring place in which to work.

The atmosphere is one of busy and purposeful activity where pupils are encouraged to be creative and to expand their experience and knowledge. The department is a modern well resourced centre for excellence in design and technology within which students are encouraged to participate.

The department comprises; two multi-material workshops, a dedicated textiles room, an IT based “clean” room and staffing and materials preparation rooms. All staff in the department work together, share ideas, expertise and experiences. Experimentation and interaction between staff ensures that the department never becomes stagnant. All teaching staff in the Department are expected to teach across the age range of the School..

The Department is well equipped with a wide variety of materials, machinery and processes available. There is full technical support from the department technician for both staff and student.

The Design & Technology Labs

1st Year
In the First Year students follow a course that teaches them basic design and evaluative skills for Design and Technology. In addition to graphic skills they will manufacture in wood, metal and textiles, the menu on the left has images of some of the projects. Year 1 work examples:

2nd Year
In the Second Year students build upon design and practical skills learnt in year 1 (and earlier). There are three main manufacturing projects: A reversible shoulder bag made from recycled materials. A clock design on a computer and manufactured using CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). A group systems project. Year 2 work examples include:

3rd Year
Examples of work produced in Year 3, can be found here: