King Edward’s Student Awarded with ‘Salters-Nuffield National Advanced Biology Award’

Each year the Salters’ Institute award prizes to the best students in the country studying Salters-Nuffield A Level Biology. We are so very proud to announce that former student, Arev Melikyan, has been awarded with the Salters-Nuffield National Biology Award 2020.

While this award is usually awarded through examinations, due to the pandemic this year, Salters’ invited students to write an essay on an area of biological interest instead.

The winning essay, provided by Arev to the Salters’ Institution, was about the topical Covid-19 vaccine, with the title below:

‘Could mRNA Vaccines Be a Frontrunner in Covid-19 Prophylaxis?’

We’re so pleased to say that Arev’s essay not only correctly anticipated that the first effective vaccine would be an RNA based vaccine, but was also awarded the Salters-Nuffield Prize for 2020, for the best essay submitted nationally.

Arev joined King Edward VI School at age 11, completing his GCSE and A Level qualification at the school. During his time at King Edward’s, Arev got involved in many aspects of school life, for example he held one of the lead roles in the school’s production of West Side Story, demonstrating talents far beyond Biology. Arev is a great example of how our students are able to develop skills in all multiple areas, becoming well-rounded and multi-dimensional students.

Arev is now reading medicine at University College London, and we wish him all the best.

King Edward’s History with Salter-Nuffield National Awards

We are also proud to say that in recent years, a total of 6 students from King Edward’s have been nominated for or received the prestigious award. All A Level Biology students at King Edward’s are eligible to win this advanced award.

In 2013, the prize was awarded to one of our students after her work on ‘twin-twin transfusion syndrome’ won best piece of coursework in the UK. She then went on to read medicine at Cambridge University, returning frequently to King Edward’s to speak at MedSoc.

In 2014, one of our students was shortlisted for the prize, after receiving full marks on all four of her written papers. She went on to read medicine at Cambridge University.

In 2015, two students were shortlisted for the award, with one being awarded as second nationally. Both went on to read medicine, at Cardiff and London.

In 2019, a KES student was the first to be awarded the Salter-Nuffield prize under the new linear A Level system. The prize was awarded by Dame Mary Archer DBE, Chair of the Science Museum. This student went on to read medicine at Anglia-Ruskin University.

About Salters’ A Level Awards

The Satlers’ Institute has been a curriculum partner of OCR and Pearson in developing and supporting specifications for A Level science subjects.

Each year, the Salters’ Institute recognises students who show exceptional performance in their external examinations in Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology, Salters Advanced Chemistry and Salters Horners Advanced Physics.