We like to think that the Art Department at King Edwards is an open and stimulating place in which to work.

“Unquenchable curiosity” and “inventive imagination” are the skills we would like all our students to come away from the department with.

We have tried to create a relaxed but business like atmosphere where pupils of all ages can come and develop their creative capabilities in both formal and informal situations.

The studios have been designed to facilitate an open and interactive learning environment and we try, within the constraints of other School commitments, to keep an ‘open door’ policy throughout the working day and beyond. We often have as many as fifty students in the studios during the lunch hour.

The department comprises a main painting studio, sculpture studio, Dedicated Art Computer Suite running Adobe Creative Suite, print studio, Sixth Form studio, kiln room and office/library containing over 3000 titles.


1st Year – The first year is based on mark making in the widest sense; introducing tone and how to apply it.This is followed up by a 3D based project constructing a sculpture in wood or clay. The Summer term looks at observational drawing and more 3D work

2nd Year – The second year is based on an understanding of Colour. Colour as mixed from the primary colours through to the techniques involved in handling different types of paint and inks. This is taken into a 3D project based on an artist or Art movement such as the Cubists.

3rd Year – This is designed like a mini Art Foundation course. Students study different processes and techniques each half term cycle. Topics range from plaster casting to Graphic Design, etching and lino cutting to illustration. All this provides an excellent introduction to the GCSE course.

4th and 5th Year – GCSE ; We follow the AQA syllabus and the Fine Art Course.