Curriculum Overview

The King Edward’s curriculum is not just about preparation for examinations – internal end of year, GCSE/IGCSE or Advanced level. We hope it’s more than that – we hope it will stretch and challenge you, help you develop your skills and talents and perhaps discover new ones. It’s not designed to be easy – having breadth of opportunity also means studying a lot of subjects – but it should provide an interesting and enriching experience.

The curriculum is broad in the first years and aims to encourage a range of interests. The core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, ICT and Foreign Languages feature strongly but we expect pupils to expand their horizons through the Humanities, Drama, Art, Design, Music and Sport. At GCSE and A level, a degree of specialisation develops but many prefer to keep their options open and combine a variety of subjects in the Arts and Sciences.
For details of the curriculum by year group see the Curriculum Overview.

Within this section you can find details of the curriculum, and arrangements for curriculum support. Detailed information regarding subject departments, subject options, examinations, revision guides and coursework are to be found elsewhere within the School Intranet on the appropriate pages.



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