School Aims & Objectives

The school has a clear set of Aims and Objectives, which underpin our vision for King Edward’s and inform our strategic direction:

• To maintain and extend academic excellence.
• To foster in pupils a sense of personal worth, and to promote their welfare, to help each achieve his or her potential.
• To offer, and encourage pupil participation in, an extensive range of co-curricular activities.
• To prepare pupils to become responsible members of society and prepare them for the world of work.
• To develop and sustain close links between the School and the community.

To maintain and extend academic excellence

• To provide a varied, rigorous, balanced and exciting curriculum.
• To offer lessons involving serious academic endeavour, quality teaching and learning promoting significant progress for every pupil, with opportunities to challenge received ideas and assumptions.
• To make the best use of technology to facilitate effective learning and teaching.
• To achieve public examination results (iGCSE, GCSE and ‘A’ Level, etc.) that compare favourably with leading competitors in the independent and maintained sectors.
• To encourage and enable all suitable students to enter Higher Education and send a large number to the country’s leading academic institutions.
• To encourage pupils to enjoy their education and to develop habits of independent learning.

To foster in every pupil a sense of personal worth and help each achieve his or her potential

• To provide excellent pastoral support with the focus on the role of the Tutor.
• To encourage pupils to be aware of their strengths and limitations.
• To encourage the natural creativity in our pupils.
• To develop in students a capacity for teamwork and leadership.
• To create opportunities for pupils to share responsibility for the running of the School.

To offer an extensive range of co-curricular activities

• To provide a wide range of activities outside the classroom, so that there is something to appeal to every student and an opportunity for all to participate.
• To offer a wide range of sporting opportunities supported by appropriate facilities, coaching and fixtures.
• To maintain high standards and levels of student participation in the broad range of co-curricular activities offered.

To encourage pupils to become responsible members of society

• To have the highest expectations of conduct for every pupil.
• To help pupils make informed moral choices and understand the spiritual dimension in life through the School’s PSHE programme, assemblies and curriculum.
• To promote the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect (for both peers and adults) and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
• To encourage pupils to make informed judgements about the world in which they live in the light of limited resources and the need for sustainable development.
• To assist and enable pupils to be involved in exchanges with, and visits to, countries in Europe and elsewhere in order to encourage a good understanding of other cultures and peoples.

To develop and sustain close links between the School and the community

• To communicate regularly with parents and involve them wherever desirable at every stage in their son’s or daughter’s education.
• To have and encourage the support of a flourishing Parents’ Association, KES PTA.
• To have and encourage the support of the Old Edwardians’ Association and the wider community of Old Edwardians.
• To provide access to the School’s educational provision through bursaries for students from lower income families.
• To develop and sustain appropriate links with industry, the major professions, the Chamber of Commerce, educational institutions, religious bodies of different faiths and other significant groups within the local community.