We provide students with an atmosphere in which their creativity will flourish.

That means problem solving, independent thought, and of course creative expression.  Pupils are offered a wealth of opportunities in which to explore and develop interests in the fine arts, music, drama or dance.

The Music Department offers recital rooms, a recording studio and music technology suite and caters for all musical tastes and abilities. An array of public performances throughout the year gives students the opportunity to showcase their talent and build confidence.   A custom-built dance studio and a separate theatre provide professional settings for a variety of drama and dance productions and the abundance of talent is further developed by workshops with external experts and professional masterclasses. The exceptional artwork on display in the school gives a glimpse of what can be achieved through sculpture, painting and photography within the Art Department.  For those who don’t pursue one or more of these subjects in their academic studies, there are a wealth of clubs, groups and ensembles to join.