King Edward’s World Book Week 2022

From Monday 28 February to Friday 4 March, King Edward’s celebrated World Book Week raising money for Southampton Hospital School.

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the official World Book Day with the global message to all children being ‘you are a reader’.

At KES, our Library is a central part of our school, both physically (it’s located just off the main hall) and metaphorically, due to the reliance our students have on its resources. The Library champions reading for pleasure all-year round and the team wanted to launch a whole week celebration this year to raise awareness of reading for pleasure, and funds for Southampton Hospital School.

Just before World Book Week our Library Manager, Ms Speck, took a visit to Southampton Hospital School to meet the Head, Mrs Giles, and current students. Located just shy of 2 miles from King Edward’s, the school provides a unique educational setting from within Southampton General Hospital, serving the needs of children with medical condition.

Southampton Hospital School is currently raising money to purchase a ‘Hare of Hampshire’, allowing the children of the school to engage in art therapy and have their Hare featured in the Art Trail in the summer.

To raise funds, and get our students reading more, the school ran a range of activities across the week. There was a second-hand book sale and an opportunity for students to take part in quizzes and games. Members of staff took some time-out in our pop-up ‘living room’, to read their favourite book, with students being encouraged to stop and ask them about their book of choice. Our fantastic Library Leaders ran an assembly, sharing the events with the rest of the school. And lastly, there was also a school-wide readathon event, where pupils were encouraged to seek sponsorship from family and friends for reading.

As a result, we are delighted to share that we raised over £500 through sales alone over the course of the week (with donations & sponsorships still coming in!).

We would like to thank all our students, and wider community for their enthusiastic reading this week, and using the opportunity to raise money for our friends at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

To view the assembly delivered by our Library Leaders, see below: