Factory visit is a triumph!

To kick start the Science and Technology Festival 2018, a group of KES students visited the Triumph factory in Hinckley.  Highlights of the day included seeing bikes owned and ridden by David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as well as the motor bike that Triumph hope will set a new land speed record ridden by Guy Martin.  Bikes from films like Mission Impossible (Complete with bullet holes!) Jurassic World and The Great Escape were all on display in the superb museum.  There was information and exhibits on how Triumph design and manufacture their iconic motor bikes from hand painting the gold pin stripes on each petrol tank to the latest state    of the art CNC and rapid prototyping machinery used in the research and development department.  The final part of the day was a factory tour during which students saw how each component was manufactured to exceptionally tight tolerances before undergoing quality control, being assembled on a production line and packaged up ready to be shipped worldwide.  The sight of over 6000 triumph motorbikes stacked 9 metres high was certainly something to remember!