Waterman Essay Prize winner

Congratulations to Colin McCann who has been awarded the 2018 Waterman essay prize.  This endowment prize was set up by two former pupils to reward originality, flair, wit, and an element of provocation, in response to an unseen essay title to be completed in one hour.

The title of the essay this year was “If it were possible to ‘uninvent’ one thing, which thing would you choose and why?”   Essayists chose ideas ranging from ‘uninventing’ the car, the aeroplane, the smart phone, the whole world wide web, English spelling, social media, dabbing and the humble saucer.  All the submitted entries were engaging, well-written, at times thought-provoking and very funny.  Colin’s winning entry took the form of a diatribe against the pernicious influence of the saucer, whilst the runners-up aimed their sights at the The World Wide web and the irritating idiosyncrasies of English spelling.

Well done to all those who entered the competition.

Waterman Essay prize winner:
The Saucer – Colin McCann

Waterman Essay prize joint runners-up:
English Spelling – Jessica Lu
The World Wide Web – Henry Townsend