History trip to Poland

Over the recent half-term, the annual History Department IGCSE trip once again took place. This year the pupils visited Krakow in Poland, in an effort to develop their understanding of Nazi Germany and the events of the Second World War. The trip took in a tour of Krakow itself and the famous, and remarkable, Wieliczka Salt Mines on the first day. Days two and three were devoted to studying The Holocaust. The group spent a day at Auschwitz whilst also visiting two relevant museums in Krakow itself. The trip concluded with the opportunity to listen to a Polish “Righteous Gentile”- a lady whose family had sheltered a young Jewish girl from the Nazis during the dreadful years of the early 1940s. The subject matter of the trip was of course sombre and unsettling but the experience as a whole was enormously worthwhile for all involved.