Science Live

A group of twelve Upper Sixth Physicists travelled to London last week to attend the Science Live event at Friends House, Euston.

Prof Jim Al-Khalili opened the event with an exploration of whether life needs Quantum Mechanics through his introduction to Quantum Biology and was followed by Dr Suzie Sheehy who provided a passionate insight into the Secrets of Particle Accelerators.  Michellle Oldfield provided some useful advice from an examiner’s perspective that should help in the students’ preparations for their impending examinations before the group  listened to a cutting-edge exploration of the search for Dark Matter.  Dr Helen Czerski gave an animated talk entitled ‘From Bubbles to Oceans: the big wide World of Fluid Dynamics’ before the event finished with a challenging lecture by Dr Michael Brooks on, simply, ‘What is time?’ ending with some of the current theories speculating that there may be something that lies beyond both the space and time that we experience in our universe.  The students were very fortunate to hear from such eminent speakers who certainly got them thinking!