Music Competition 2018

This year, the KES annual Music Competition was held on February 2nd, adducted by alumna and current Oxford Music student Miriam Chapman-Rosenfeld. All of the entrants performed with musicality and technical accomplishment with an impressive range of styles and instruments on display including electric guitar, clarinet, voice, and the bagpipes! All students are commended for the hard work they put into this event, and special thanks to Mr Belassie for accompanying many of the students.  The results this year were:

Grade 1-3
Winner: James Tall
Runners up: Toby Ellis and Amelia Roberts

Grade 4-6
Winner: Boheng Shen
Runners up: Kym Anderson and Sophie Roe 

Grade 7 and above:
Winner: Aelfred Hillman
Runners up: Eleanor Dunlop and Jordan Abbott.