Dignioras awarded

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded dignioras.

Mrs Costello-Kelly has recommended that a number of the School’s scholars receive dignioras for their presentations. Ian Costigan, Benji Graf and Josh Lam produced an impressive and thought-provoking discussion on the theme of “How many countries are there?” with some fascinating ideas about politics, economics, geography and history whilst Charis Saer and Cherida Zhang  gave their talk on how the language impacts on the way we think. They carried out a considerable amount of research into the way that language describes time, place, colour and gender and how this impacts upon how we relate to these key issues.

Sarah Macleod has also received a digniora for English.  Dr Schofield notes: “Sarah wrote an impressive essay tracking the transition of Macbeth from ‘nobleman’ to ‘butcher’. This was an exceptional piece of work: detailed, eloquent and full of flair. Her ideas were strikingly original and were supported by exemplary use of quotation.”