Maths mania

The Maths Department have had a busy couple of weeks with many pupils getting the chance to participate in off-site trips and compete in external competitions.

The UK Mathematics Trust Senior Challenge took place with Ewan Murphy winning a gold certificate; his score putting him in the top 1000 entrants in the UK. He progressed to the British Maths Olympiad and awaits his results. Gold also went to Georgia Stonage, Sam Austin, Rishabh Chugh, Naomi Lee and Eva Carlyle putting them in the top 10% of the 70,000 students who entered from across the country. At the end of last month, a KES team of four of our best mathematicians also competed in the Senior Team Maths Challenge, at Alton College, where they took part in four rounds of problem solving and teamwork against the clock.

Lower Sixth mathematicians have also travelled to the University of Warwick to be inspired by some great speakers on a variety of topics. Simon Singh spoke on one of his pet topics, ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ and the long quest to prove it, whilst Dr Mark Lewney spoke about the mysterious ways that maths appears in nature. Sara Jabbari explored the ways in which maths can be used to tackle diseases and Professor Chris Good explained the maths behind voting systems.