KES students go on expedition in central America

At the beginning of the summer break, a team of thirteen KES students and two teachers travelled to the central American nations of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. With a focus on student leadership, management and resourcing, the group faced down five volcanoes in six days, seeing magma, sledding down the flank of a summit, and catching a 5:30am sunrise. A border crossing took them into a rest phase, with snorkelling in the Pacific, glimpsing (amongst others) a Manta ray, turtles and octopus, before transferring to the Costa Rican mountain spine for a zip line tour of the cloud forest canopy. A bus across the country brought the team to another cloud forest, this time as a food delivery group to the school of an indigenous community, inaccessible by any other means. A final stop at the Atlantic beaches saw them enjoy the turtle nesting spot of Tortuguero which the group visited late at night before spending their final day in the capital of San Jose.