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This web site is intended primarily for students, their parents and parents of potential students. It contains information about the personnel and the resources of the Guidance Centre and outlines the provision that is made for students as they progress through the school from age 11 to age 18 and beyond. Even once students have left the school, as OEs, they often find that late decisions about Higher Education and changes of career direction are made easier by accessing the resources and support that the department can offer. The Guidance programme has no official ending.

This site is arranged to reflect the pastoral organisation of the school, so separate sections appear for the Lower School [12-14], Upper School [14-16], and Sixth Form. In addition, an overview of the Student Guidance programme appears as a year-by-year timetable; this should help to illuminate the pattern of decisions that occur during a student's academic career. Links to other web sites are intended to give greater depth to the outline information on this site. Only if visiting this page from within the school is access to electronic parametric tests available directly through the network.

The Student Guidance programme in the school is intrinsically linked to the pastoral system and is delivered by tutors, year heads, careers specialists and those in charge of organising the academic curriculum. As with all aspects of school life, communication between student and tutor is essential to the effectiveness of all that we set out to achieve. What we want most of all is to see students leave us well-prepared for a happy, useful and fulfilling life.

University entry 2015
The government have produced further information to students and parents related to university entry in 2015 including further details about the costs and student loans. This information which is available here.

Student Finance - ITV

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