New Sports Kit!

BREAKING NEWS! New sports kit from September 2016

We are very excited to announce that after much consultation with pupils, parents and staff, THE NEW SPORTS KIT IS HERE! 

With a mix of new up-to-date designs and performance fabric making playing sport more comfortable, we are confident that the pupils will love wearing the new kit.

We do not expect the whole school to have to re-kit immediately, and the changeover will be phased as follows: 

  • In September 2016 this kit will be compulsory for new pupils
  • In September 2017, it will be compulsory for all students in First to Fifth Year. Therefore pupils can still get 18 months wear out of their current kit. 
  • Sixth Formers representing the school will need the appropriate new kit for their sport from September 2017 and are encouraged to wear it from September 2016

The new sports kit is available from our uniform suppliers, Stevensons. See 'Purchasing School Uniform' for details.