Polyglots is the Sixth Form Modern Languages Society. It holds talks approximately every half term on topics of broad linguistic interest and is aimed at both Sixth Formers and staff.

In March 2017, Matt Livingston presented his fascinating EPQ 'The significance and impact of Jean-Luc Godard's 1960's film 'Breathless' on filmmaking'.

In December 2016, Isobel Searles and Iolanta Spanner gave a highly informative, scholarly talk on 'Proto-Indo-European: the Cornerstone of Modern Languages'.

During the Autumn Term 2016, OE Virginia Stuart-Taylor gave a Polyglots talk entitled '50 Countries and Counting: How Languages Let me Discover the World'.

The final Polyglots talk of the Spring Term 2016 was given by Akash Mattupalli on 'Science in Hinduism'.

In the Spring Term 2016, a Polyglots talk was given by Matthew Barber and Hamish Traill on 'Profanity and Slang - the Development of Language'.

 In 2015-16, Polyglots kicked off with a talk by Iona Todd and Hamish Traill: 'Sanskrit - the Latin of India'

The following talks were given in 2014-2015 (see below for pictures):

Multiculturalism in 2014 - Gina Steel and Olly McQuity

Lost in Translation - Why you need more than English to navigate the world - Anna van der Star and Rebecca Collins

Language as a Lens - Ina Cho and Iona Todd

The evolution of Language - Toby Saer and Emma Blackman